Our primary business is the relocation of heavy and oversized industrial machinery. To accomplish our moves, Pioneer Heavy Haul Inc. maintains a fleet of heavy transport equipment which includes GOLDHOFER hydraulic trailers and 9 & 13 axle low bed combinations along with 4, 6 & 8 axle steering dollies.

Most of our activities involve receiving or delivering freight to or from RO/RO ships, barges or heavy lift ships. We also actively participate in the heavy and dimensional over the road hauling business. We secure loads to rail cars and provide sea fastenings for barge shipments.

Included in our transport service is the procurement of permits, the organization and administration of police and utilities escorts, and route surveys where applicable.

In addition to our hauling service, we provide jacking, skidding and crane services that normally involve loading and off loading transport equipment.

Our field personnel have been with us for a long time. Our crews are very competent and have the expertise that is required to provide our customers with all the necessities to perform a safe and dependable job.

Our area of business started in the Niagara Region and has now expanded across Eastern – Western Canada and the United States. Pioneer Heavy Haul Inc. maintains 3 marshaling yards located in Buffalo, New York; Welland, Ontario and Edmonton, Alberta.

Pioneer Heavy Haul Inc. are one of the few contractors that can provide both inland and marine transportation (crane, rigging, securement of cargo, heavy duty hauling and erection services). One Contractor… One Price.

We handle equipment from 75 to 1000 tonnes both locally and world wide. We stress that we are truly an “INDEPENDENT” Heavy Hauling and Rigging company, and have no outside affiliations or subsidiaries. We depend on your business along with our expertise and experience for our survival. Pioneer Heavy Haul Inc. has stood by their reputation and performance record for over 70 years. We are only a phone call away, please do not hesitate to contact us for your heavy hauling and rigging requirements.