Jack Jones, a 17-year-old Welshman, arrived in Niagara Falls, New York, in 1921.


Learning his trade as a mechanic's helper, Jack built a tow truck and went into business hauling stranded and wrecked vehicles.
Soon, heavy hauling of wreckage became his specialty. This served him well during the Second World War, when he was contracted to move battle tanks and trucks from Detroit's assembly lines to Buffalo. (From there they continued to New York City for transport to Europe.) Jack also kept supply convoys moving by providing the trucks on-road service.


Jack Jones helped fuel the post-war industrial expansion, moving factory equipment and specializing in complicated jobs that other companies could not tackle.
As the interstate highway system developed, long-distance hauling became more feasible, and with it came more work for Jack Jones, one of the pioneers of the heavy hauling industry.
Large contracts, such as replacing utility substations' 20-cycle transformers with 40-cycle units, kept Jack Jones growing.
Today, Jack's son, Mel runs the company with his wife, Trish. The big jobs continue. As always, each customer receives the skill and expertise that Jack Jones relied upon to build his business.

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